Top Edinburgh family attractions and days out


1         The Royal Yacht Britannia - This magnificent ship has played host to some of the most famous people in the world. But, above all, she was home to Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family, now in Edinburgh you are welcome on board to discover the heart and soul of this most special of royal residences

2         Edinburgh Castle - Wherever you are in the city, this great medieval fortress perched on ancient volcanic rock is visible for miles. It’s a microcosm of local history: this was the site of Mary, Queen of Scot’s home, headquarters of Cromwell’s invading army and today it hosts the military tattoo during the Edinburgh Festival

3         National Museum of Scotland - See treasures from the edges of history and trace Scotland's story from fascinating fossils to popular culture

4        Our Dynamic Earth - Step back billions of years at this huge interactive museum, where the time machine takes you back to before dinosaurs walked the earth. You can even witness the Big Bang from the bridge of a spaceship through the Hubble telescope

5         Camera Obscura - Seeing is definitely not believing inside the Victorian Camera Obscura and World of Illusion. Bendy mirrors and giant kaleidoscopes will delight young eyes at the Magic Gallery, and in the Electric Room, blue tendrils of light spark across the Giant Plasmasphere

6         Palace of Holyrood House - The Queen’s official residence in Scotland was once home to Mary Queen of Scots – so there’s lots to discover

7         Gorgie Farm - Meet the horses, goats and sheep at this city farm. Children can get their hands dirty and work at being a farmer, or just cuddle a cute guinea pig

8         Lochend Park - Lochend Park is a popular country-style park directly across the road from Lochend Apartments. The loch, with a wide variety of waterfowl is the main attraction, but historical buildings, a children's play area, teen area and even a bee café, ensure there is lots to see and do in the park.

9          Edinburgh Science and Edinburgh Children’s Festival - Children's International Theatre Festival aims to ensure that children of all ages can experience the delights of live theatre. Edinburgh International Science Centre promises to shed light on everything from outer space to the inner workings of the mind

10          Edinburgh Zoo - Edinburgh Zoo is the largest and most exciting wildlife attraction in Scotland offering the opportunity to see over 1000 wonderful animals!

11          Scottish Storytelling Centre - In this contemporary building along the Royal Mile, let your family experience Edinburgh’s history coming alive at the Scotland’s Stories exhibition

12        Edinburgh Dungeon - Deep beneath the pavement at locations across Europe, chilling tales and petrifying aspects of our history are reenacted, providing eerie, spine-chilling fun for anyone who dares enter the world of the Dungeons!


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Lochend Park is situated just across the road from Lochend Apartments great to let the kids burn some steam in the play park or for a relaxing walk after dinner!